FKW18 Outdoor Load Break Switch

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The switch disconnectors series FKN12 are increasingly adopted in MV installations, owing to their superior interrupting features and to their capability to withstand the short-circuit currents which occur mainly as consequences of faults in distribution networks. The versions combined with HRC fuses are particularly suitable for the protection of distribution transformers up to 1250 kVA The use of FKN12, designed for installation in compartmented switchboards have the following advantages: -Full segregation between the busbar compartment and the cable compartment, with switch disconnector in both "closed" and "open" position. -The moving contact, of the sliding vertical type, can be easily checked and cleaned with live bus-bars and earthing switch (ES) closed. -No adjustment is needed in the tripping mechanism of the switch fuse combination and of the ES: they are built together in a single unit, which is adjusted and checked during assembly in the factory, before the final test.

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Zhejiang Xikai Electric Co., Ltd engineers and manufactures medium- high-voltage electric
equipment, components and systems that deliver reliable electric power to homes, industries,
businesses, and institutions worldwide. We are a leader in providing load break switch, vacuum
circuit breaker, isolating switch that enable customers to increase productivity, improve system
reliability and reduce costs.
Our products, services, and solutions are used worldwide for public, commercial, and industrial
power systems. Our products had passed the test at Ministry of Power Industry of PRC and
Electric Power Research Institute of PRC.
As a global manufacture, Zhejiang Xikai Electric Co., Ltd provides a wide range of
forward-looking solutions including Power Systems Protection, Distribution System Reliability
and Power Quality products and services. Through our commitment to research and development,
we continue to develop smart solutions for safe, reliable, environmentally friendly power
Our products include indoor high voltage load break switch, vacuum load break switch, circuit
breaker; outdoor high voltage load break switch, circuit breaker; high voltage earthing switch;
high voltage isolating switch and fuse.
We offer our customers integrated protective solutions using innovative products combined with
unrivalled service and reliability world wide


The outdoor load break switch has good functional characteristics and small structure size. It is suitable for ventilation, air conditioning and water pump systems, and can be used as a main switch for industrial equipment and a distributed switch for insulation and safety isolation.

 1. The revolutionary new contact operating mechanism ensures that it can be used for contact opening and closing, and the position of the switch handle is consistent with the position of the contact.

2. The insulation distance of the disconnected contact is large, reaching 13-14mm, which greatly exceeds the safety requirements of VDE0113. In many cases, the safety level of the switch exceeds the existing various circuit interrupters in the world.

 3. With finger protection function, it can prevent accidental contact with charged objects and cause the dangerous contact.

4. The built-in screws can prevent slippage during manual operation, make the best performance with pneumatic or electric tools, and ensure safety and speed during installation.

 5. The flexible module system provides the strongest adaptability for the adjustment of the switch position. The switch is a standard module with three poles and six poles, and accessory modules can be added more easily than removing this switch. This feature is particularly suitable for changes in places,

 6. The installation is convenient and safe, and it can adopt either the panel type or the base installation type. The base-mounted type can either use screws, or use guide grooves when suspected.

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