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August 11,2021

Do you want to do the wholesale of Medium and low voltage insulator or find a reliable customized wholesale Medium and low voltage insulator manufacturer? Then you come to the right place. In this article, we will introduce the Medium and low voltage insulator, and other products related to Medium and low voltage insulator.


Insulators are installed between conductors with different potentials or between conductors and ground potential components, which can withstand voltage and mechanical stress. Insulators can be divided into low-voltage insulators, medium voltage insulators and high-voltage insulators according to different service voltage levels.


What is a low voltage insulator?

low voltage insulator wholesale


Low voltage insulators refer to insulators used for low-voltage distribution lines and communication lines. In the early years, low-voltage insulators were mostly used on power poles, while high-voltage insulators gradually developed into high-voltage power lines. Many disc-shaped insulators were hung at one end of the connection tower. The low-voltage insulator is composed of iron cap, tempered glass (porcelain or silicone rubber) and steel foot, which are bonded together with cement adhesive.

Parts of our Medium and low voltage insulator products  

>Low Voltage Busbar Insulator

Low voltage bus insulator is a material whose internal charge does not flow freely, so it does not conduct electricity under the influence of electric field In electrical equipment, it is used to support and separate conductors that do not allow current to pass through. The working temperature of LV bus insulator is - 40 ℃ ~ + 140 ℃, and its rated voltage is 600V. The inlay is made of brass and galvanized steel. The insulator material is BMC (bough molded composite), which can be inserted according to the customer's needs and the product color and performance.


>Low voltage porcelain shackle insulator

Low voltage porcelain shackle insulators are widely used in the field of high voltage transmission and distribution due to their wide variety and excellent quality. Porcelain shackle insulator is used together with bracket to change the angle or direction of conductor. The main models of shackle insulator are ED-2B、ED-2B1、ED-2B2, etc. Low voltage ceramic shackle insulator has two or more sheds and one axial mounting hole, which can be firmly fixed with threaded nails.


low voltage insulator manufacturer,supplier,exporter,factory,wholesaler for sale


>Pin type medium voltage insulator 

The porcelain and steel castings of pin type ordinary porcelain insulator are bonded together with cement glue. The porcelain surface is coated with a layer of glaze to improve the insulation performance of medium voltage insulator. The surfaces of cast steel and porcelain glue are coated with moisture-proof agent.


customized wholesale Medium voltage insulator manufacturer,supplier,exporter,factory,wholesaler for sale


Features of the Medium and Low voltage insulator made by Xikai Electric

  • Excellent Insulation Properties
  • Good Electrical Resistance
  • Good Heat Resistance
  • Good Fire Resistance
  • Good Water Resistance
  • Low Shrinkage and High intensity


wholesale Medium and low voltage insulator manufacturer—Xikai Electric

Zhejiang Xikai Electric Co., Ltd. is a design and manufacturing enterprise of medium and high voltage electrical appliances. Since the application areas of medium and low voltage insulators are versatile,Xikai Electric offers a wide product range in the low and medium voltage range for the use of 10  kV–100  kV. Our production range includes contact terminal,box; insulator bushings, cable supports and chain, Capacitive insulators, etc..