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August 11,2021

A digital meter, multi meter or a digital multimeter is an essential tool in every electronic enthusiast's house. Here is some background knowledge sbout digital multimeters to meet the needs of beginners, related workers and experienced hobbyists alike.





What is a Digital Multi meter?


Digital multimeter is a tool used to measure voltage (volt), current (ampere) and resistance (Ohm). It can be used to measure two or more electrical values. As a standard diagnostic tool for technicians in the electrical / electronic industry, digital multimeter is an essential tool for testing, diagnosing and troubleshooting circuits, components and equipment.


Typically, different models of Digital Multimeters include several additional specialized features or advanced options. Thus, technicians with specific needs can look for targeted Digital Multimeters to meet their needs.


What is a Multi meter?


A multimeter, as its name suggests, is an instrument with many functions. A basic meter will allow us to measure and test AC voltage, DC voltage, DC polarity, resistance and current. More advanced gimbons can also be used to measure frequency, capacitance, transistor gain, and/or inductance. A multimeter is also great for some basic sanity checks and troubleshooting.


Components of the Face of a Digital Multi meter 


  • Display: Where measurement readouts can be viewed.

  • Buttons: Used to select various functions; Options vary from model to model.

  • Dial (or rotary switch): Used to select the main measurements (volts, amperes, ohms).

  • Input jacks: Where test leads are inserted.

Digital Meter,Multi meter , Digital Multi meter


Safe Use of Digital Multi meter 


Before using any electrical test equipment, workers should first consult the user's manual for proper operating procedures, safety precautions, and restrictions. It is because any application of a digital multimeter has potential safety hazards that must be taken into account when conducting electrical measurements. 




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How to use a Digital Meter to measure voltage of a battery?


1. Ensure the red probe is connected to the positive terminal of the digital meter. Then select DC Volts, and the 2 volts range (or whatever your meter has).


2. Connect the black lead to either end of the battery. Touch the red probe against the other end of the battery. If the meter reads correctly (i.e. no “-" sign), go on to the next step, if a “-" sign appears, change the probes around. That is, connect the black probe to the end you just touched with the red probe.


3. Now you can touch the first end with the red probe. The meter should be read correctly.The end connected to the black probe is the negative(-) wire , while the other end is positive(+).


Categories of Digital multimeters


Digital multimeters can be grouped by their number of counts (up to 20,000) they display.

Generally speaking, multimeter can be divided into the following categories.


1.General purpose 










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