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August 11,2021

The difference between air insulated switchgear and solid insulated switchgear.


Insulation Methods

Insulation Methods

Solid insulation switchgear

Solid insulated switchgear, its product is small in size and compact in structure. The gas-filled insulated switchgear adopts an airtight structure, and the switchgear is a fully sealed and fully insulated structure. The difference with the solid-sealed pole is that it not only seals the vacuum interrupter of each item, but also uses epoxy resin for the integral casting of the interrupter and its related parts, so that the internal phase of the switch and the ground The safe insulation distance is shortened from 125mm for air insulation to several millimeters.


Air insulated  switchgear


Gas is used as the arc extinguishing and insulating medium; the gas-filled cabinet adopts an air-tight structure, and the switch cabinet is a fully sealed and fully insulated structure; the bus bar, switch and live parts are completely enclosed in a stainless steel shell.


Cabinet-type gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear is an expansion of high-voltage GIS products in the medium-voltage field. It uses low-pressure SF6 gas, N2 gas or mixed gas as the insulating medium of the switchgear, and uses vacuum or SF6 as the arc extinguishing medium to centrally seal the busbar, circuit breaker, isolating switch and other medium voltage components in the box.


Comprehensive use of modern insulation technology, breaking technology, manufacturing technology, sensing technology, digital technology to produce high-tech products integrating intelligent control, protection, monitoring, measurement, and communication. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, good safety, high reliability, and adaptability to use under harsh environmental conditions.


Gas-insulated switchgear has also been rapidly promoted and applied in my country, especially with the construction and transformation of my country's urban power grids, rail transit, and large industrial and mining enterprises, switchgears have been miniaturized, intelligent, maintenance-free, and full working conditions. With new and higher requirements, the domestic demand for high-performance and high-quality inflatable cabinets is becoming stronger and stronger.


Solid-Insulated Ring Main Units

Solid-Insulated Ring Main Units


Solid Insulated Ring Main Units (Solid-Insulated Ring Main Units) are ring main units that use solid insulating materials as the main insulating medium.


The vacuum interrupter and its conductive connection, isolating switch, grounding switch, main bus, branch bus and other main conductive circuits are single or combined, and then wrapped and packaged with solid insulating medium into one or more with certain functions, which can be combined or expanded again The module with full insulation and full sealing performance, the surface of the module that can be touched by people is coated with conductive or semi-conductive shielding layer and can be directly connected to the groundable ring network cabinet.


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